NavyCam Stomach System, the revolution in diagnostic gastroenterology

It’s called NaviCam-Stomach, we will hear more and more about it in the coming years. Presented in Rome during Endolive, the NaviCam capsule endoscope allows to recognize lesions in the stomach and duodenum thanks to artificial intelligence. The capsule, invented in China and distributed in Italy by our company, was used for the first time at Policlinico Gemelli in Rome.

The capsule endoscope has the shape of a pill which, once swallowed, moves independently exploring the esophagus and stomach, recording images using a very high definition camera. The recording unit is worn by the patient over the clothes and captures the images transmitted by the capsule throughout the exam. Finally, the “disposable” capsule is expelled naturally.

This technology is already used for diagnostics on the digestive system, particularly the of the small intestine tract, but NaviCam, thanks to the magnetic controll, was the first capsule to allow the inspection of the stomach’s mucous membranes. The main advantage of using this device is certainly the reduced invasiveness of the procedure as, compared to gastroscopy, sedation can be avoided, which often poses a problem in elderly patients and with other related illnesses.

Regarding the quality of the exam, NaviCam analyzes and recognizes the lesions of the esophagus and stomach through artificial intelligence algorithms. These algorithms are the result of training of the system on more than one million images from 6970 patients, and therefore report suspicious images to the operator. The artificial intelligence system, called ProScan, identifies anomalies with a sensitivity of 99.90% in lesion analysis.

A new technology that makes a diagnostic exam much easier compared to the classic gastroscopy, reducing discomfort for the patient and allowing greater precision in results. For years, at Euromedical, we have believed in innovative and micro-invasive solutions to improve the quality of diagnostics thanks to tools that, up until a few years ago, seemed like science fiction. Today, however, it is a reality and we are proud to give our contribution in Italy with products that can truly revolutionize diagnostics and intervention.

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