Education and training to improve performance

“It’s what we think we already know that prevents us from learning new things”

Claude Bernard

Training, a word often abused but which encompasses the true essence of the success of an idea, a project, a company. Also (and above all) in the medical field, continuous training is the key to improving the performance of professionals, especially in the use of medical devices that require an often complex training and divided into various steps to achieve the expected results.

Every tool, even the best in terms of technological development and man-machine interconnection, loses performance without accurate and meticulous control by the human being.

Precisely because of the continuous growth of our reality and of our customers, every week our specialists are engaged throughout Italy, directly in the wards of hospital structures, with numerous courses and hands on training on Ovesco, Taewoong, Anx and Anrei products.

We enter the doctor’s environment with our experts to optimize times and best apply the training experience to the professional’s daily working life.

To improve this business sector in which we strongly believe, we hire Product Managers who deal exclusively with the individual product lines precisely with the aim of increasingly specializing the managerial figure with a clinical and scientific approach, fully immersing themselves in the world of the doctor who will use the system and creating tailor-made training.

The courses that we carry out last a maximum of 2 hours and are organized directly in the department. However, we are always operational in supporting professionals in the daily use of the tools, giving constant support to our customers.

The real challenge in all sectors, in the next few years, will be precisely the updating and continuous training of its personnel to keep up with the technological developments that will characterize our future, in the awareness that machines have often unavoidable limits and that man will always have a central role in their use and in the continuous improvement of their performance.

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