On the Italian market since 1984.

Euromedical has been on the market since 1984 with the aim of addressing the many challenges posed by the constant change in environmental conditions in the health sector and by the demanding standards required for products and services.


The Company’s mission is to support, through professional correctness, information quality, communication and information exchange, research and direct sales of innovative technologies in the medical field aimed at improving patients’ quality of life and reducing health care costs.

Euromedical - Mission
Euromedical - codice etico

Ethical code

The self-regulation code of ethics supervises all training and information activities that are conducted in the Company. The customer service is composed of a team of professionals constantly updated and fully available to the users, to respond and satisfy, in a short time, all requests.


Over the years, Euromedical has developed and dynamically created a group able to bring new technologies and exclusive medical devices in surgery and endoscopy to the attention of the medical class both in Italy and abroad through a consolidated network of company.

Euromedical - network

The search for new and better technologies, the continuous dedication to solving health problems, the constant exchange of information with the medical class, will see us constantly committed, in the near future, to developing, improving and increasing the quality of our products and of our services.